Football is a universal sport, bringing together enthusiasts with the emotions, events and magical moments. Today I will talk to you in detail about this sport that I appreciate!

The benefits of football

The football awakens in each player and passionate, a collective spirit and a spirit of competition because this collective sport obliges each player of a team to collaborate to win. Sometimes, the player can assert himself through this sport, because that’s what he likes to do and it allows him to let off steam and express himself by playing football.
Football, like every physical activity, works the endurance of an individual practicing it by improving his cardiovascular capacity. During the practice of this activity, a player spends himself running, jumping, tackling … which will increase the aerobic capacity of the individual.
The benefits of football do not stop at physical health, but also improve or awaken psychological and social health.
The practice of football three times a week helps to maintain a physical and mental health.

The inconvenient

The major disadvantage of football is the high risk of injury. Despite the warm-ups, as well as all the precautions taken to avoid them, injuries (such as sprains, broken bones, …) represent a risk in the practice of football and injured players need some time to heal those and to get in shape on the ground.
Another disadvantage that physical glitches, football require time on the part of the players. They need to train regularly to keep fit, and so that football coaching academy can train them on the game tactics to put in place during the game.

Conclusion of the positive and negative effects of football

Football is a sport that brings together fans through sporting events and the excitement that this sport provides. It allows you to enjoy convivial and memorable moments, because it brings people together. In this sporting practice, respect and good communication between all players must be respected.
Playing football makes working fitness, and cardiovascular ability work. Like every sport, it helps to have good health.

Football also has disadvantages. The injuries that players make regularly and that often keep them away from the field are a bad point of the sport. There is also the time that the football takes, it is necessary that the player devotes it to keep his physical form, to improve himself, and to work the tactics that the football clubs in Dubai wants to put in place.