5 Basic products needed for hikers:

Hiking is an outdoor recreational activity that involves rigorous walking along paths or trails in the rural countryside. It requires the use of some equipment that are essential for hiking. They help to make the experience both, comfortable as well as enjoyable.

Some of the essentials are as follows:

  1. Clothes and shoes it is suggested that the individual must wear three layers of clothing while hiking .These include a base layer made of synthetic material, a layer of insulation and a third layer for water proofing. Hiking socks help to prevent blisters. People may also use common running shoes if they want to avoid the heavy weight of hiking boots. There are a variety of choices available in terms of the Best Walking Shoes for Hikers.
  2. Food and drinks – Canned and processed food can be carried during these trips as they are easy to prepare. Water is a necessity as the body may get dehydrated. Energy drinks and juices can also be carried as they act as instant energy sources and keep the body hydrated.
  3. First aid kit – Hiking trips may lead people to unknown paths and the conditions may not always be favorable. Cuts, injuries and insect bites are common during hiking. To tackle such situations there is need for a first aid kit containing band aids, anti septic creams, ointments, insect repellents and other medications that may be needed.
  4. Tents – Tents are requited especially in case of overnight hiking trips. They include tents, ropes, poles, etc. It shelters individuals from weather conditions and from wild animals.
  5. Miscellaneous Other items that are essential for hiking trips are sunscreen, sun glasses, hiking sticks, maps, compass, etc. that help to make the trip hassle free.