The Most Popular Racing Sports

Racing sports have been a feature of human societies since ever since we developed the ability to run some two and a half million years ago. The oldest records of competitive racing date back to 1829 BC and the sport featured during the very first Olympic games in 776 BC. As we have developed various vehicles and harnessed other modes of transport, these too have inevitably been used in the context of competitive racing, from horses to cars to boats. Below is a quick guide to some of the most popular competitive racing sports.

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Competitive running has its origins in ancient religious festivals. It is the oldest documented competitive sport and the most accessible, requiring no specialist equipment to take part in. Modern day runners, however, have access to specially designed running shoes, which can improve performance significantly. There are many different forms of competitive running, including cross-country running, marathon running, and the track running seen in the modern Olympic Games.


Orienteering sports require participants to navigate a course using a map, rather than having the route marked out for them. Usually, certain points will be marked on the map and when participants reach one of these points there will be someone there to record their arrival. The sport evolved from military training exercises and several variations now exist, depending on the mode of transport used to travel around the course.

Speed Skating

Speed skating originated in Northern Europe and Scandinavia. The oldest documented case of the sport is from the Netherlands where natives fashioned ‘blades’ from bone and attached these to their shoes so that they could skate over frozen rivers, canals, and sometimes lakes. It wasn’t until 1592 that something resembling the modern speed skates appeared with the advent of skates with an iron blade affixed to them. Speed skating was due to become an Olympic sport for the 1916 Olympics, but the outbreak of World War 1 delayed its introduction until 1924. Until 1956, sports such as speed skating were held on naturally frozen bodies of water, but the introduction of artificial ice rinks helped drive the rising popularity of the sport.


Recreational swimming is a practice dating back to the Stone Age, but it didn’t emerge as a competitive activity until 1830, two years after the first indoor swimming pool opened to the public when the sport became popular in England. The now common front crawl style of swimming was introduced by two native American swimmers; the technique was completely unknown to the rest of the world at the time. By 1896, swimming had been added to the rotation of Olympic sports and there are now a number of variations featured in the games.

Racing sports have been a long-term feature of many sporting competitions and represent some of the oldest examples of competitive sports in the world. There are now an almost endless variety of competitive racing sports played around the world and they occur both on foot and in a variety of vehicles. Animal races, such as greyhound racing, are also popular spectator sports.