The Top Five Trends in Hockey Equipment

Hockey stick

The hockey stick is undoubtedly a player’s prized possession, you can’t play the game without one. It needs to feel right as well as look right. Whether you’re buying your first stick or replacing an old one you should consider the Kookaburra range. Included in their range for 2017 is the Ultralite model, coming in at four ounces lighter than conventional sticks, and with an improvement to stick shape in 2017, it is accompanied by the LBow, MBow and iBow models. Favoured by some of the top players in the game and with a range of prices to suit most budgets the Kookaburra range of hockey sticks is one to check out in 2017.

Hockey shoes

Arguably the most important part of your kit to get right, your shoes must fit well but be light enough to allow you to move freely while also giving you the protection you need. The 2017 Adidas range provides a variety of shoes for all types of players from pro to junior and includes indoor and outdoor versions in their range. Outsoles made from a range of materials allow you to find the perfect grip for you while giving you maximum acceleration and stability at high speeds and in all directions.


Hockey can be a high-risk sport and carries a high likelihood of injury, so protection is a must, and it takes on many forms in the game of hockey, from the obvious such as mouth guards and shin guards to the less obvious such as rash guards and sliding shorts. The Shock Doctor range of compression and sliding shorts provides ultimate comfort and protection in one piece of clothing. As well as the protective pads, whose position and number vary throughout the range, these shorts are made from a moisture wicking 4-way stretch fabric which provides a close comfortable fit while minimising odour.


One of the main accessories you will need in your kit bag is grip tape. As well as improving your grip these tapes can also help to improve your stick control. The range from Grays includes traction, ribbed and cushioned versions. They come in a variety of colours and as well as looking good they help to damp vibration and provide additional comfort. They can also help to prolong the life of your hockey stick.


Having the right equipment is key to achieving your highest performance in any sport but feeling comfortable and well protected are also important. You also want to look the part, right? Whether it’s hoodies, skorts, shorts, tops or socks your clothing needs to work with you. It needs to be comfortable, lightweight, breathable and easily washable. Clothing from TK Hockey blends style with practicality.

Hockey is an exhilarating, high energy, fast and fun team sport that can be enjoyed at junior, club and elite level. It can, at times, be a potentially dangerous sport so it’s important that you select the right hockey equipment from reputable brands.