The compensation procedure for victims of traffic accidents

A LAW DETERMINED BY ITS PURPOSE: Since the Badinter Act of 5 July 1985 , the compensation procedure for victims of traffic accidents has been simplified.

Thus this law requires the insurer of any vehicle involved in a traffic accident, to approach the victim to propose the establishment of a medical expertise and the settlement of a certain amount of money (provision) to claim on the future reparation of his bodily injury .

However, insurance companies have never played the game of the legislator!

Thus, the provisions allocated to the victims of road accidents are very often weak or even indigent. As for medical expertise, they are entrusted to doctors working exclusively for insurers …


As a result, far from making it easier for victims of traffic accidents, the insurer very often complicates the debate made opaque by a lack of information.

The assistance of an attorney specializing in personal injury compensation is proving to be valuable and even indispensable at various stages of the proceedings:

  • Meeting of the documents (police report), obtaining the medical file of the victim,
  • Preparation of medical expertise,
  • Assistance and accompaniment of the victim during the medical expertise,
  • Calculation and advice on the valuation of items of personal injury, material or economic,
  • Development of the procedure for compensation of bodily injury allowing the victim to obtain a much larger compensation than that offered by the insurance companies in the context of the amicable process resulting from the Badinter Law.

Thus, our Cabinet has been able to obtain in a large number of cases much greater compensation than that which had been proposed to the victim as a result of a quick assessment and a truncated evaluation.

Such results are obtained through the permanent exchange existing between the lawyer Paul Napoli Attorney and the victim.

Some prejudices are particularly complex to evaluate. These are the damages that aim to repair the need for Human Assistance (third party) or the economic and professional damages that are often the most expensive items for the insurers and consequently, the least well treated. .