6 Reasons for England Cricket fans to be cheerful

So, with the Ashes coming to a slow and painful end for England fans. Saad Raja cricket looks into why cricket fans have reason to be cheerful. Here’s our 6 reasons England fans shouldn’t be so glum:

  1. England don’t have to go on another Ashes tour for 4 years…

Its over, the Aussie domination is over. England fans have time to recuperated, recover and regroup. We all know England play some good cricket over the summer, with a bit of luck, the fans will forget about the Ashes in no time at all.

  1. Joe Root still has room to improve

Joe’s numbers are already pretty impressive, and at the tender age of 27 you feel he has a lot of room to improve. All he does have to improve on is converting those fifties into 100’s. If he does then could he possibly be considered one of England’s greatest ever batsmen?

  1. Liam Livingston

Livingston is undoubtedly a very talented cricketer. Boasting a first-class average of around 48, he also achieved a debut county champ double header last season. Livingston is probably better associated with the aggressive one-day stuff, Livingstone says he has ‘a lot more confidence’ in his red-ball game.

  1. England still fill their Test grounds

Luckily for England, the nation still gets behind the side whole-heartedly. Countries like south Africa, New Zealand and even India can unfortunately not boast the same accolade.

  1. Mason Crane

Another exceptional talent making his way through the ranks is 20-year-old Mason Crane. Not always playing regularly for Hampshire, it does represent a risk. However the youngster has more than proven he can produce as an international, something he demonstrated in Sydney.

  1. It has been worse

Remember the 90’s England fans? You weren’t any better then. In fact you were famous for being rather bad. The current crop as a lot of potential, and most have there best years ahead of them.

I hope that has helped heal those ashes wounds. There are plenty of reasons to be cheerful for English cricket, they just need to put the ashes well and truly behind them.


Saad Raja