Top 5 Table Tennis Tables Reviews

Table tennis is commonly called Ping Pong and is a popular game and recreation across the globe. Such type of activity has become widely held 100 years in the past and it has the same love and respect to this game. Are you looking for a table tennis table that you can enjoy this remarkable game for yourself then find the best table tennis table that fulfills your requirements?

Here are the best ping pong tables’ reviews that you can afford in your budget with the best features:

  1. Park and sun mini

This table tennis table is highly affordable, that has 60 x 30 x 28-inch dimensions, and it’s foldable. The package comes with two paddles and two balls; it’s associated with the steel coated legs. It’s durable and legs are supported with several points, and the material used for a table is MDF which is called fiberboard.

This table tennis table has many health benefits that help to lose weight and you can stay fit. If you’re suffering from asthma then this table helps to control the symptoms and tennis requires speed, strength, coordination, balance, endurance, and agility.

  1. East point sports top

Wouldn’t be great to buy a professional top like an East point sports top that comes in your budget and it’s well crafted, designed, and durable. The 4-hinge system will help to fold the top and place it in your closet and under the bed. If you’re staying a small apartment then this table tennis table would be a great option to consider.

This package includes foam pads, net, post system and the time for installation is less, say about 4-5 minutes. The foam pads play a vital role to protect the top from various issues. An important thing to remember is the professional top is designed with the dimension that’s approved by the international table tennis association.

  1. STIGA synergy

This table tennis table is highly rated that meets your requirements and fits your budget. It has supported with strong steel legs that make the table more strong and reliable when compared with the other models. Time required for the parts to assemble requires just 15-20 minutes and a table has 4 wheels to move it simple. The package includes posts and net, and the top thickness is 5/8, features latest bouncy technology.

  1. Butterfly compact

This company is well-known to manufacture the greatest and superlative table tennis tables, and many people recommend this top as the best to play for a great fun. The table features the modern design that’s strong and sturdy, and the size of the table is 26 x 9 x 5 inches. You can reduce the size by folding the table that takes around 50% of the space, and it offers a 3-year warranty. It doesn’t require any time for assembly and it’s considered as the perfect top for the table tennis.

  1. Viper aurora top

This is the best table tennis table and the model size is 30 x 60 x 110 inches that’s suitable for amateurs and professionals. It has 8 wheels that allow moving the table with great comfort and the frame is made from 1-inch steel and the table is durable and strong.