Cycling is the Best Way to Improve Your Health

When’s the last time you considered hopping on a bike? For some of us, the last time we rode a bike it involved a set of training wheels and sparkly streamers attached to the handle bars. For others, cycling is seen as a short workout at the gym in between lifting and jogging on the treadmill. Most of us are aware that cycling is a healthy exercise and great way to be active. However, many don’t realize the vast health benefits of choosing to incorporate cycling into our daily lives.

Stress Reduction

It’s well known that stress can be deadly. Stress can cause many health problems, like back and neck pains. Long term stress can cause more serious conditions like high blood pressure, heart disease, a weakened immune system. Our daily lives cause massive amounts of stress to build up. However, cycling is a great way to reduce stress! Studies have shown that cycling can be a great way to relieve stress. Cycling releases feel-good chemicals in the brain that help reduce stress and provide relief from stress-related ailments. Many find that cycling provides a break from daily life, and improves their quality of life!

Weight Loss

Cycling burns a good amount calories, and helps tone muscles. Cycling burns on average 40 calories per mile. With nearly 70% of American adults being overweight or obese, finding a fun activity that provides weight loss and health benefits can highly improve your quality of life. Cycling provides a fat busting workout to the muscle groups glutes, quadriceps, calves, and hamstrings. Cycling also is an exercise that can be maintained for longer periods of time than traditional workouts. This means you can keep exercising for longer, and maximize your fat-burning potential!

Improve Your Mental Health

Cycling and other forms of exercise have been proven to improve mental health and quality of life. Many studies and individuals claim that cycling improves depression. Clara Hughes, an Olympic medallist has stated multiple times that her passion for cycling has helped her in her battle with depression. Cycling has also been found to increase brain power and promote brain cell growth. For those struggling to break out of a slump, starting cycling can be a great lifestyle change!

Fight Your Cancer Risk

Many studies have shown that regular exercise such as cycling can lead to a decreased risk of cancer. A recent study at the University of Glasgow concluded that people who bicycle to work had a decreased risk of cancer by 45%. It also has been shown to cut your risk of heart disease nearly in half! Individuals who cycle also have a stronger immune system, and have overall higher health. Cycling and maintaining an active lifestyle is the key to preventing cancer and other diseases.

Improvement of Energy

Cycling is a fantastic calorie burner and yields great weight loss results! Cycling is an aerobic exercise, and it provides energy to the leg muscles, lungs, joints, and brain. It also is known to build your stamina! People who cycle often have higher stamina. Cycling regularly can cause you to feel an increase of energy in your daily life. If you’re looking to increase your energy and feel more positive, biking can provide a much-needed energy boost you can learn more…


Cycling has many health benefits. Incorporating riding a bike into your life can be a wonderful lifestyle change. Whether it’s changing up your morning commute or cycling around the park on weekends, it can be a great way to improve your life and feel better in your body. Cycling is undeniably the best way to improve your health. Between the physical and mental health benefits, it is more than worth hopping on your bike and improving your life!

Garmin Edge 520 Bike GPS Review

The Garmin Edge 520 Bike GPS is the best mountain bike GPS I have used. It is easy to use and offers useful features. This compact device has helped with more than just locations. It reads my heart rate, gives me phone notifications, logs my rides, and more. The GPS device even offers file transfers to other devices as well as shares information to my phone through the app. As you can see, with this awesome device, comes many features.

To begin, the best feature is the Bluetooth connection. It allows me to transfer files and connect to other devices, such as my phone. The Bluetooth connection allowed me to use the app and get notifications on the GPS device. Begin able to use the app helped connect with others to show them my achievements. I am also able to see notifications on my GPS. With the GPS mounted on the bike, I can quickly see my messages, missed calls, and even receive calls on the GPS instead of having to pull out my phone every time.

The next feature I want to go over is the fact I can log my rides. Being able to compare rides is important to me. I can challenge myself every time I ride. I can see the days I didn’t do too well. It feels great to be able to log better than the day before. I can compare my own logs or compare logs with my friends. We can challenge each other as well. This helps motivate me to ride.

The heart rate feature helps me as well. I make sure I am not over working myself. I wouldn’t want to put myself in danger. It helps me continue my rides safely. The Garmin Edge 520 will alert me about my heart rate. If my heart rate is high I rest a bit before I continue. With my device with me, my rides are safe!

One final feature I want to go over is the map. What is a GPS without a map right? Maps are very helpful for me. My sense of direction can get bad at times. My Garmin Edge 520 covers that for me. It offers me a map showing me my location. I just follow the map to get to my destinations. I can’t get lost with a handy map mounted on my bike! These features make this GPS one of the best mountain bike GPS in the market.


  • It is a compact device.
  • The words are a good size. It makes it easy to read.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It offers useful features as mentioned in the Garmin Edge 520 mountain bike GPS review.


  • When trying to ride, it can be difficult to use the device.
  • It is not a touch screen. Sometimes it can be difficult to mess with the buttons when you are trying to ride.

Despite the Garmin Edge 520’s difficult buttons, it offers great features to riders. Whether you are a beginner or well-experienced mountain bike rider, I would recommend the Garmin Edge 520. It has great qualities to it and it is very helpful when you are riding. It helps to motivate you, keep you safe, and shows you where you are so you don’t get lost. I believe this device will help you just as much as it has helped me!

Top 5 Table Tennis Tables Reviews

Table tennis is commonly called Ping Pong and is a popular game and recreation across the globe. Such type of activity has become widely held 100 years in the past and it has the same love and respect to this game. Are you looking for a table tennis table that you can enjoy this remarkable game for yourself then find the best table tennis table that fulfills your requirements?

Here are the best ping pong tables’ reviews that you can afford in your budget with the best features:

  1. Park and sun mini

This table tennis table is highly affordable, that has 60 x 30 x 28-inch dimensions, and it’s foldable. The package comes with two paddles and two balls; it’s associated with the steel coated legs. It’s durable and legs are supported with several points, and the material used for a table is MDF which is called fiberboard.

This table tennis table has many health benefits that help to lose weight and you can stay fit. If you’re suffering from asthma then this table helps to control the symptoms and tennis requires speed, strength, coordination, balance, endurance, and agility.

  1. East point sports top

Wouldn’t be great to buy a professional top like an East point sports top that comes in your budget and it’s well crafted, designed, and durable. The 4-hinge system will help to fold the top and place it in your closet and under the bed. If you’re staying a small apartment then this table tennis table would be a great option to consider.

This package includes foam pads, net, post system and the time for installation is less, say about 4-5 minutes. The foam pads play a vital role to protect the top from various issues. An important thing to remember is the professional top is designed with the dimension that’s approved by the international table tennis association.

  1. STIGA synergy

This table tennis table is highly rated that meets your requirements and fits your budget. It has supported with strong steel legs that make the table more strong and reliable when compared with the other models. Time required for the parts to assemble requires just 15-20 minutes and a table has 4 wheels to move it simple. The package includes posts and net, and the top thickness is 5/8, features latest bouncy technology.

  1. Butterfly compact

This company is well-known to manufacture the greatest and superlative table tennis tables, and many people recommend this top as the best to play for a great fun. The table features the modern design that’s strong and sturdy, and the size of the table is 26 x 9 x 5 inches. You can reduce the size by folding the table that takes around 50% of the space, and it offers a 3-year warranty. It doesn’t require any time for assembly and it’s considered as the perfect top for the table tennis.

  1. Viper aurora top

This is the best table tennis table and the model size is 30 x 60 x 110 inches that’s suitable for amateurs and professionals. It has 8 wheels that allow moving the table with great comfort and the frame is made from 1-inch steel and the table is durable and strong.