Is Being A Basketball Coach Easy? Know It From Bob Mims CPA

You need lots of practice to evolve as a matured basketball player- this is no secret. But going through the same old sessions of practice days in and out might make it boring. So to get these practice sessions effective that will drive the kids to come out for these practice sessions more, you need to bring in some variation as well into the drill.

Bob Mims CPA , who has been a professional coach for quite a few basketball teams have realized that until a competitive aspect is being brought in the practice sessions, the players ultimately get bored and start missing them, which in turn is a bad sign for the team. So how can you make them better?

Imagination has no bound, and using them will make the possibilities endless.

  • If you are headed towards making your drill session only about shooting, you can at times keep track of made baskets and award the one who does the most.
  • You can even make some particular values as well- like 2 points for the charges, 1 point for deflecting the balls, and 2 points for stealing.
  • Most of the practice sessions are all about preventing the number of miss-passes and passing drops. You can even declare an award for the teams that don’t drop a single pass during the game.

A good coach is one who can get himself clear in front of the teams and players. There will be some strategies for your next game, but if it is not delivered well to the team, you cannot expect the players to have the game according to your plan. So to avoid those essential plans that you make, make sure you have a sheet prepared for every single drill you want your players to take part in. The points of emphasis are the areas of strength and getting them implemented thoroughly will help you to improve the drill sessions.

Some of the essential points of emphasis in the rebounding drill are:

  • Keeping the elbows out every time a player gets to grab the ball.
  • Grabbing the ball with two hands.
  • Feet movement is essential, and they must be used well to get under the ball before grabbing.
  • Anticipating the rebound is a crucial factor, and the players need to get in the right position to achieve it in every single attempt.

Splitting up the drills into multiple sections is necessary, believes Bob Mims CPA , because that allows the players to have a clarity of mind. Jamming the various drill sessions will not only confuse the players but can lead to the removal of focus. A single point you miss out might cost your team a lot, and being the coach this is essential for you. Never overlook on any single point, as that might prevent your drill from being an effective one. A game of basketball like any other team game is pure art, and a perfect combination of all the factors can only help you achieve it.